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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still Spinning My Wheels

The biggest problem for me is moola!

Just got laid off again! Can you believe it?

So, once again I have to slow down and change my plans.

I figure what I need to do is to start earning some money so that I
can move further ahead.

I am still getting distracted by the ugy "shiny things".

What is my problem?

Enough about me, how is everything going for you?

Did you get a website up and running?

Talk to me.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How Much $$$$$ Have You Wasted???

I hope you are having better luck than me at this point, because I'm a little disappointed, or should I say hugely disappointed that I am still moving at such a slow pace and things still aren't clear enough to move on (for me).

For example, do you feel totally at ease when setting up your autoresponder? If you do I would appreciate you posting here, to let people know who was the one that helped you? who was the one that gave CLEAR
instructions from start to finish?

Here I go jumping to another topic like I do, :)

I have wasted a lot of my money buying Crap! really!  Now when I say a Lot of money, most people online would probably laugh at the amount compared to what they have spent. But,... I really am on such a tight budget that it takes me a couple of months to save up  $50.00 by tucking away a $ here and a $ there until
finally I have some money to transfer into my PayPal account.

I Still recommend Starting out with Free* options first when learning the tricks and trades of earning an income online and when you feel ready and you trust and believe in the person or program, then, and only then should you spend your hard earned money. Be careful, because there is a Lot of Crap being sold online.

I'm going to tell you what I have decided to do.  I figured I needed someone to take hold of my shoulders and give me a good shake, just to get me focused and to Stop getting distracted all the time by those ugly "shiny things"!!

I am cleaning the slate!    Yes...Cleaning The Slate and Starting from The Beginning.

First thing is, Following one Mentor, one-step-at-a-time. 
It feels good even saying it. :)

I have already done that and will tell you who I decided to follow and what it will cost etc., on
my next posting, because I need to read my first day with my New Mentor to be able to really
talk about it. Right?

So, come on back because not only do I want to let you know about me, but I'd Really love to
hear about what You are up to and are you following a Mentor?  Who is It?

So listen, have a Great weekend, stay on track, stay focused, and keep your money in your pocket (for now).

Believe it and it Will happen.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

QUICK and CLEAR instructions.*

Hey, how's is going?

I love mentors who are clear and to the point.  You know, no games!

After getting information overload on more than one occassion, I have to say again, that I just love it when
I get instructions from somewho who really wants to tell you how to do something and get it right.

Not just sell you must know what I mean on that.

Right Here is where You Will Get Clear Instructions.

I'm telling you, You can actually get started in just hours listening to this guy explain And show you how to do things.   I love it!

I hope you are at least taking advantage of all the Free* links that are available on this blog because no one is asking you for a cent.

Don't be afraid, Just Do It! 

The best way to learn is by trial and error.

You know how the saying goes.... If first you don't succeed, try try again.

Oh yes!

Try Try Again.

Then one day you Will see the fruits of all your listening, watching, learning, trying, trying, and trying.


Want Clear Instruction?  HERE  it is.

Have a great week all.

The Novice Marketer

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are Many Great options for You here to get started online Today.*

You don't have to worry about making any mistakes because You won't loose any money.

Remember...they are Free*.

Get started today and see how quickly You can be Up and Running with Your Own Website Earning
a Substantial amount of Cash.

Don't put it off till tomorrow, Do it Today.*

Talk soon

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where's Your Blog?

You must have a blog by now.

Where is it?

What's it about?

I'd love to see it.

I hope you had a chance to try out some of the Great Free* offers.

Drop a line and let's exchange helpful suggestions and maybe we can help each other move along in our journey to saying GoodBye to our bossy boss. :)

I said I was going to bed early tonight and here it is 1:05 already!

There's a few things I want to get completed tomorrow, so I think I should really sign out now and start to unwind and get to sleep.

Talk soon.

Weather is to be really nice tomorrow, so enjoy with Family and Friends and have a Great Sunday. :)

The Novice Marketer

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yes, this is totally off topic but I can't help myself.

I went to the drug store early this morning to pick up a couple of things before
it got too hot to even go out.

Of course on my way there, which I decided to walk to get a little participaction in, I spotted a cat that was limping along then she stopped to rest and again limping.  It breaks my heart when I see an injured animal and can't do a thing for it.

What I did do, I kept an eye on her before I headed into Drug Mart and hoped that she would be in the area when I was finished inside.

I had picked up a couple of tins of cat food, the ones with the tabbed lid so it would be easy to remove, and a bottle of cold water, along with a few other items that I needed.

When I went outside and headed to the area where I had last seen her there was no site of her.  I felt bad., but as I continued to walk slowly with searching eyes...there she was, sitting there with her big eyes just resting.  I couldn't get close because she was behind a steel gate that belonged to a car dealership (not a good area for any animal to be).

I tried to coax her to get her away from the area but she just looked at me. From the way she was sitting it looked like either she had a sprained leg or maybe even fractured. I couldn't see if there was a cut or not, but I opened one of the cans of food and slid it in her direction with the hopes that she would be able to smell it and decide to trust me enough to at least get some food in her belly.

She wouldn't move!  I figured that maybe I should leave, at least out of view to give her the chance to decide if she would go eat some yummy sliced turkey with gravy.

The last I saw, she was scared away from a car going into the dealership, and she just hid under a large garbage dump.

By then my bus had arrived so I decided to get on the bus and hope that she would go back and eat some food.

To make a long story short, I see many stray cats and wish I could take them all in, but that is impossible.

What I will start to do though is donate some of the money that I make from my sewing, and jewelry making.

I will be listing one of many Cat Rescues in Toronto Ontario and hope you will take a look and decide that You too would like to donate some money or even some time if you have it.

So, to the side ====>>>>> You will see a widget banner with Drew Barrymore where You could have a look and decide If and How You would like to get involved with helping all the four legged animals out there that need help from us two legged ones.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear of any and all of the ways that You are involved with helping animals.

Have a wonderful day.
God Bless
The Novice Marketer

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still Getting Set Up

It's Saturday....what will You be doing?

I'm still going through some steps to get set up online, so I don't want you to think that I've been ignoring my blog.

I have been popping in to add some awesome Free* links which are sitting on the sidebar, so please take a minute to browse and see All the Valuable information and Free* options that are waiting for the picking.

I'm off to have an MRI this morning at 7am, so I have to go shower and get ready because I am travelling by transit.

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to Stay Focused on what You want to get completed.

Always here for help in anything I can do to help You along Your way.


Friday, June 11, 2010

MANY* Free Opportunities!

Hey, how's everyone doing?

I just wanted to remind everyone that there is So Many Free Opportunities available online, that you shouldn't have to pay anything until you are more experienced at knowing how to set things up.

Take Your time, and keep Your Money in Your wallet.

Many people think if they buy an expensive program that is being advertised to earn them lots of money in a couple of weeks, or something of that nature, it will really happen.

I am here to tell you, come on, really think about it.  If people could earn thousands of dollars in a matter of days, wouldn't you think there would  be many more people happily earning enough money to retire?

Don't get scammed!!

Now, if you want to spend a bit of money, that is a different story, because I do believe that you could actually have a Website of your own, with an autoresponder, and an opt-in page, (a page to capture a potential buyer's name and email address, for Your List!), the cost for that to happen would only cost you probably under $50.00 a month. 

I am talking about a basic Website that you would do yourself, an autoresponder that would cost anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00 per month, and an opt-in page.

So please try some of the  Free options  that are available, and really good too.  This way it will be a Great way to learn the ins and outs, and once You feel comfortable enough to put some of Your Money on the line, then and only then should You decide to do that.

I am telling You from experience, Stay Focused!, Don't get side tracked, or distracted by shiny things, because that is such a Waste of Time!

You could get a Website set up with an opt-in and autoresponder, with a product from Clickbank, and You as an Affiliate, all done and ready to go over the weekend.  True.

People that are just starting out, sometimes are afraid to try anything and that is one of the things that get in the way of Your Goals.


Check out the Free Links --->>>--->>>

Have a Great Weekend everyone!

If You're into the Soccer games.....VIVA ITALIA !!!

Always* here to help.
647 435-5460

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Great* Traffic Exchanges


Just wanted to shout out about a couple of New Traffic Exchanges that You can get some Free* upgrades, and have some fun. I really like those ones. :)

Go sign up, and You'll see what I mean.

The first one is, HERE*  and the second one is, HERE

That's it for now. :)

But, ... if You have some Traffic Exchanges that You think are Great, and You feel they are helping you Drive Traffic to Your Sites, then Please add a comment to let me know, and I'd love to join under You, to help Build Your List.

Always have Fun~


Saturday, May 22, 2010

NEW Things Every Day*

Well, I've slowed down some to try and get better organized. 

Be careful of getting distracted by Shiny Things!

It took me almost three years to realize, You Must do one step at a time, AND
follow through from Start to Finish.*

Boy, the time I could have saved.

Stay on track.  

There are so many ways to get started online that the worse thing to 
happen would be to get Information Overload!

You can get set up for Free, and that would be a Great way to start, because
you won't be wasting money as you are Learning by trial and error.

Once you have the feel, and some knowledge, then, and only then, would I suggest
for you to start investing into better Autoresponders, Hosting, etc...

Affiliate Marketing is the Quickest way to earn an income,... My Opinion*

Do Check Out the FREE Stuff available Here.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone*

Just Drop a Line

Sunday, May 9, 2010

If You Can Afford To Invest Money => I Would Hook Up Here

I was watching a video that was sent to me via email.

The video talked about a Program that will be selling On Tuesday May 11/10, and I must say,
I would be very interested in checking it out.

Now, to be honest, I don't have the money right now to invest, and since I don't own a credit
card, anything I purchase has to be cash. :)

The name of the program is =>>  "THE CASH CODEby:Michael Jones

WoW !   For people like you and me who is looking for a Mentor who is honest, and is truly trying
to do good and not just take your money and run.

I tried looking for the link that was sent to me, but unfortunately can't seem to find it at the moment, but
I won't stop looking.  When I do locate it, I will definitely come back and get it in here, but in the meantime,
if anyone that you are following is sending you a link for a video that talks about The Cash Code, DO CHECK IT OUT.

I am so interested in this program, and to get guidance from Michael Jones that I WILL get the program even
if the price is higher when I can afford to buy it.

Here I am thinking, I can't believe the money I blew on CRAP that is still sitting in my Documents because I haven't got a clue as to where to start. (I won't mention the name of the expensive one) but I will say that anytime I have asked for some help, I don't seem to get any, but that person still sends me other links trying to sell me more Crap!

DON'T be in a hurry to give someone your money, take your time and really investigate the person selling and really, if they are still trying to sell something other than what you bought, that should say something about the program you bought.  I mean, if they are no longer talking about it, to me it seems that it's not as good as I was made to believe.

Stay Focused on Your Path To Riches!

I Know it's possible, and I will Never Give Up.*

Questions or Comments


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get a Secret Training Video

Sorry I haven't posted for so long, but I even have to be quick right now because My Computer is near Death!

What a drag! I just don't have enough moola to purchase a new one, and that is what I need because I am sick and tired of investing money into this piece of  CRAP!!  ( Sorry, but I just can't believe all the money I already wasted on fixing and upgrading this computer.

Listen, the important thing I want to get out is that "Chris Freville" is giving a Secret Training Video to anyone who just enters their name AND then when you get to the end of watching the video, there is Special Gifts waiting for you.

Now just in case You have heard of "Chris Freville" I want to tell you that this guy shoots straight from the hips (which means no bull shit from Chris).

He is actually one of few who really is online trying to help anyone who will listen.

That's it for today, because it has taken me long enough just to type this because of this crappy computer freezing all the time. 

Good Luck with the Video and the Special Gifts.

If you get some time please drop a line to let me know what you thought of it.

Always here to try and help.
Toronto, Canada

Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Yes!! FREE! Autoresponder.

It's true...Good things come to those who wait! (and can't afford to buy) :)

Don't waste time.  

If You don't have an Autoresponder yet, sign up now for a FREE account @ "List Wire"

Free Forever! 

I can't stop saying it... Free, Free, this is awesome.

Now there is nothing stopping you from getting set up online to earn some moola.**


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Good Morning,

Just wanted to drop a line to remind everyone to make sure and sign up to a couple of Payment Processors, so that you will be ready for business when you get Your Website up and running.

I added a square banner for AlertPay and will add one for PayPal when I get home from work. :)  Yes I'm still working for someone else, but hopefully that will change this year.

I like both PayPal and AlertPay which were easy to set-up.

Have a great day!

Always* here to help.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Earning an Income Online*

How about You? What are You trying to do Online?

I am working towards earning an income online to the point where I can work from home.

There are two factors that keep me from attaining my goals, and the number one factor is; Money*.

Now, if you are in the same boat, (I really hope not) the best way would be to sign up to PTC (paid to click) sites where you can earn an income, and slowly buildup the Cash Flow to be able to move forward.

This way the money isn't coming out of your pocket.

Of course this way is the very long road to success, But, at least you can get started until your finances

Go to Google and enter "ptc sites", then join as many as you feel comfortable with and start earning that
income you need to get your own Domain Name and Hosting account. 

The second and most important factor that slows me down is, Staying Focused and taking One-Step-At-A-Time. Don't get distracted by "shiny things".

If you get a chance, check out the Free* sites where you can get started.

Always* here to help

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Power List Marketing

Hi there my friend,

Well I hope You are enjoying your weekend, because I've been spending most of the weekend setting up my AutoResponder at Power List Marketing so that I can start building a few different Lists. (I keep getting side tracked).  Stay Focused, is something I say to myself Often!

This has got to be one of the Best offers that I purchased while on my journey to Affiliate Marketing "Superness".  Yes, I did upgrade to "Ambassador".

I have already set up a List where the sign ups are growing each day. 

This is Exciting!

Don't forget to get signed up for Your Free EXECUTIVE Membership, which comes with an AutoResponder.

Sure, there is upgrades for a monthly fee which Increases Options.

I know this is such a short posting, but I still have laundry to do after I walk my dog Rosie. :)

I just wanted to put it out there again about this Great Opportunity You can sign up to for Free.*

Have a great week and I'll post more about my setting up of Power List, but in the meantime, check out a quick video on Power List Marketing to give you an insight.**

Scroll to the bottom to Watch the video.

Always* here to help

Monday, February 8, 2010

What Are You Up To?


I hope everything is working out just the way you've thought about when
you were just starting out.

I've added a couple of ads for some really good sites where You can
join for Free and at least check them out.

One thing that I really love about  "HostGator"  is that you can actually
sign up and pay with "PayPal".  Love it!

The reason I say that is, there has been a few times when I've wanted
to either make a purchase or signup to a membership site but couldn't
because I only deal through PayPal.

I don't know what they are thinking, you know, the ones who don't
include PayPal as one of their payment processors!

Imagine how much money they are leaving on the table!

Just something to remember when you get around to creating your
own product and putting it out there. Don't forget PayPal. There's
got to be hundreds if not thousands of people out there just like
me, and if they can't make that purchase or join that membership
through PayPal they just keep moving on to the next one until they
find one that does.

Now, you can get a Free member level at "ViralHosts" which would
be good for someone who wants to learn their way around setting
up their hosting account, then you can upgrade to a level with
much more to offer.  Join through the banner on the right-> at the top^

To change the subject,
I've been working on a package that I purchased online, but won't 
say anything until I've had the chance to see if it's worth talking about.

If you find the time, drop a line and let me know what you're up to,
or if you've got some suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear it.

Have a Great week.

Always* here to help

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WOW.~ a 90*Day FREE Trial with No Payment Or Credit Card!

I just had to post this site to my blog as quickly as possible!

You Must take a minute to at least check out this opportunity that will blow Your socks Off.

Now, if you are someone who has just recently started online and is looking for a good way 
to get off the ground and start making money as soon as possible, the You definitely want to
check this out.
I mean, just think about it,  You get 90* Days!  That's Three Months! 

Three months to sign up to this site and truly give it Your Best and then if you feel like it's not
what it says it is then Quit. Simple as that!

You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.

Don't waste money, especially if you don't have any experience or know how. Opportunities like this one Don't become available every day, in fact you'll be lucky if you ever see one like this again.  Truly.*

The only way to earn an income online is to Try Something! 

Sign Up and dedicate your time to earning the income you dream of.
You are getting the opportunity to learn how to do it for FREE.*

I always grab Great Opportunities when they come by and am building many streams
of income that is securing my future. My Secure Future. :)

Well, I hope at least one person takes the step and realizes, > You Won't get
a Better Offer than this.

Always* here to help.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keeping You Posted*

Are You Having A Great Weekend?

I wanted to quickly leave a word or two about what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks and hope you are coming along with Your Ventures.

I am still working on completing the "30 Day Challenge" because I like to Finish what I Start to give an Honest Opinion.
I do love it though!

Because I work on a few different things, I get back to the challenge when I have time to spare. There is only a couple of
days left for me to complete.

If anyone has joined to check out the challenge, it would be nice to hear how it went for you, and if you now have the knowledge to set-up an Autoresponder and grow Your Downline 10 times faster!

Now to move on to another site that I have taken an interest in because I love having many different "Streams" of income, because like the saying goes, "Never Put Your Eggs In One Basket".  That's forsure!

In case you are interested, You get  14* FREE days  to see the Possibilities!

I hope you have a good feeling surging through your body because that's how it feels when You're On Your Way To Success.~

It's exciting, isn't it?

Have a Great weekend. Talk Soon.

Always* here to help

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Backtrack To Autoresponders *

Hope Everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!

I am once again going to talk about Autoresponders because I really do feel that if You take the time and learn how to set up Your Own autoresponder, You my friend will not only save money but You Can get an Excellent ROI, short for, Return On Investment.

YES! without a doubt, it Will cost You money to establish Yourself online and begin to earn that Long sought after, Income. It doesn't have to cost you thousands or even hundreds. It will cost ten dollars here or twenty dollars there, and even monthly memberships. (Aweber is a monthly membership)

I would say, You could actually get set up and start earning money tomorrow if you put out a little bit of cash from Your own pocket.  Believe me, if You do things the Right Way there could be No Limit to the amount of money You Could Earn Online. But, You probably knew that already right? If not, I tell you, I started online while I was unemployed and flat broke.  I just did what I could until I had a little bit of money to spare to purchase things I needed one-at-a-time.

Don't be in a hurry! That could cost You valuable time and Your hard earned money. Be eager Yes, but when You are just trying to get things together, try and focus what You need from step one and then continue on to step two ONLY when you totally understand step one.

You see, once You learn each step, you will be able to set up Multiple Streams of income coming in from All directions.

Everyone knows that Your "List" is an important factor in the amount of money You can earn online, so one of the Best Ways to capture people's email address and name, to communicate with them on a regualar basis, would be through setting up an Autoresponder.

What I am going to suggest to all the people who scratch their head (like I did) and wonder how the heck am I going to understand how to do this.(you know, set up an Autoresponder). You should Sign Up immediately to this FREE "30day Challenge" and learn how to set up an autoresponder from a man who I'm sure You will grow to trust because when You complete Your Challenge and know what to do for the next autoresponder You set up, You will jump for joy when Your downline(list) starts to grow, grow, and grow.

So You see, there's even a lesson to be learned in that...Giving away Free things THAT WORK will gain the Trust from Your List, so that when You are ready to sell a product, Your downline that "Trust's" You, won't think twice before hitting the "Purchase" button!

A frequently used quote >> "The quickest way to earn money online, is to follow someone who already is"!

Now I hope all that wasn't too confusing, but if there is Anything* You want to ask etc., Please don't be shy and just ask.  I'm always* here to help.

I mentioned in the last post that I was going to post some Free ebooks that I had purhased and I'm still working on that, only because I am trying to pick out the Best ones to start with.(and this week was really hectic).  Please be patient and hopefully I will get them up by the end of the weekend.  Just take a peek now and then.

Right Now, I think You should concentrate on learning how to set up an Autoresponder so that You can get started building Your Downline (list).

I've actually joined anothers program that I want to check out and see if it will do what it claim it can do.  That's all I can really say about it right now, but once I complete my course I will be posting "my results and "my opinion"

Anything I suggest will be tried and tested by me. This way You can save time and money.

You can check out the Free course through the highlighted links.

Good luck and have fun.

Have a great weekend.

Always* here to help