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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Yes!! FREE! Autoresponder.

It's true...Good things come to those who wait! (and can't afford to buy) :)

Don't waste time.  

If You don't have an Autoresponder yet, sign up now for a FREE account @ "List Wire"

Free Forever! 

I can't stop saying it... Free, Free, this is awesome.

Now there is nothing stopping you from getting set up online to earn some moola.**


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Good Morning,

Just wanted to drop a line to remind everyone to make sure and sign up to a couple of Payment Processors, so that you will be ready for business when you get Your Website up and running.

I added a square banner for AlertPay and will add one for PayPal when I get home from work. :)  Yes I'm still working for someone else, but hopefully that will change this year.

I like both PayPal and AlertPay which were easy to set-up.

Have a great day!

Always* here to help.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Earning an Income Online*

How about You? What are You trying to do Online?

I am working towards earning an income online to the point where I can work from home.

There are two factors that keep me from attaining my goals, and the number one factor is; Money*.

Now, if you are in the same boat, (I really hope not) the best way would be to sign up to PTC (paid to click) sites where you can earn an income, and slowly buildup the Cash Flow to be able to move forward.

This way the money isn't coming out of your pocket.

Of course this way is the very long road to success, But, at least you can get started until your finances

Go to Google and enter "ptc sites", then join as many as you feel comfortable with and start earning that
income you need to get your own Domain Name and Hosting account. 

The second and most important factor that slows me down is, Staying Focused and taking One-Step-At-A-Time. Don't get distracted by "shiny things".

If you get a chance, check out the Free* sites where you can get started.

Always* here to help