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Monday, February 8, 2010

What Are You Up To?


I hope everything is working out just the way you've thought about when
you were just starting out.

I've added a couple of ads for some really good sites where You can
join for Free and at least check them out.

One thing that I really love about  "HostGator"  is that you can actually
sign up and pay with "PayPal".  Love it!

The reason I say that is, there has been a few times when I've wanted
to either make a purchase or signup to a membership site but couldn't
because I only deal through PayPal.

I don't know what they are thinking, you know, the ones who don't
include PayPal as one of their payment processors!

Imagine how much money they are leaving on the table!

Just something to remember when you get around to creating your
own product and putting it out there. Don't forget PayPal. There's
got to be hundreds if not thousands of people out there just like
me, and if they can't make that purchase or join that membership
through PayPal they just keep moving on to the next one until they
find one that does.

Now, you can get a Free member level at "ViralHosts" which would
be good for someone who wants to learn their way around setting
up their hosting account, then you can upgrade to a level with
much more to offer.  Join through the banner on the right-> at the top^

To change the subject,
I've been working on a package that I purchased online, but won't 
say anything until I've had the chance to see if it's worth talking about.

If you find the time, drop a line and let me know what you're up to,
or if you've got some suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear it.

Have a Great week.

Always* here to help

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