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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yes, this is totally off topic but I can't help myself.

I went to the drug store early this morning to pick up a couple of things before
it got too hot to even go out.

Of course on my way there, which I decided to walk to get a little participaction in, I spotted a cat that was limping along then she stopped to rest and again limping.  It breaks my heart when I see an injured animal and can't do a thing for it.

What I did do, I kept an eye on her before I headed into Drug Mart and hoped that she would be in the area when I was finished inside.

I had picked up a couple of tins of cat food, the ones with the tabbed lid so it would be easy to remove, and a bottle of cold water, along with a few other items that I needed.

When I went outside and headed to the area where I had last seen her there was no site of her.  I felt bad., but as I continued to walk slowly with searching eyes...there she was, sitting there with her big eyes just resting.  I couldn't get close because she was behind a steel gate that belonged to a car dealership (not a good area for any animal to be).

I tried to coax her to get her away from the area but she just looked at me. From the way she was sitting it looked like either she had a sprained leg or maybe even fractured. I couldn't see if there was a cut or not, but I opened one of the cans of food and slid it in her direction with the hopes that she would be able to smell it and decide to trust me enough to at least get some food in her belly.

She wouldn't move!  I figured that maybe I should leave, at least out of view to give her the chance to decide if she would go eat some yummy sliced turkey with gravy.

The last I saw, she was scared away from a car going into the dealership, and she just hid under a large garbage dump.

By then my bus had arrived so I decided to get on the bus and hope that she would go back and eat some food.

To make a long story short, I see many stray cats and wish I could take them all in, but that is impossible.

What I will start to do though is donate some of the money that I make from my sewing, and jewelry making.

I will be listing one of many Cat Rescues in Toronto Ontario and hope you will take a look and decide that You too would like to donate some money or even some time if you have it.

So, to the side ====>>>>> You will see a widget banner with Drew Barrymore where You could have a look and decide If and How You would like to get involved with helping all the four legged animals out there that need help from us two legged ones.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear of any and all of the ways that You are involved with helping animals.

Have a wonderful day.
God Bless
The Novice Marketer

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