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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Have Chosen My Mentor!...Again.

Hello, hello,

I have finally chosen my mentor and will be only focusing on him and what he so eagerly wants to teach his members.

Who is it you say?...well, I was once a member with * Chris Farrell *  and because my budget was on such a tight rope I just couldn't afford paying a monthly fee for the membership and autoresponder that one definitely needs.

Now, I am ready, once and for all to FOCUS on just ONE person to teach me, guide me, and show me the way to a successful online business, and I'm going back with Chris! (he's great).

I have to erase the past few years from my head and act like this is the first time I have been online and found a Mentor. :)

Yes I could kick myself in the butt for the wasted time, but I must admit that things were learned along with many good lessons of what Not to do. :)

If You are going to learn One thing today and you are just beginning Your Journey, Please, PLease, listen to me when I say... Stay Focused!

Don't get Distracted by all the get rich quick bull shit! (sorry for being so blunt). I have wasted years, yes years because I spent most of the time reading and reading, jumping from one idea to the next, from one mentor to the other.

So, here I am today starting all over from day one.

I am really looking forward to this journey with Chris because he is such a good teacher and talks in a way that anyone can understand, especially if one doesn't know all the marketers lingo.

All you need for success is:

1.  A Mentor you trust! and Believe in.

2.  A Registered Domain Name.

3. An AutoResponder.

4. Hosting. (with Chris you get Free hosting)  One less monthly expense! Yippee!


Get going! Go find Your Mentor and let's do this together.

Give CHRIS a try. You'll just love him.

I will be posting as often as I can regarding my journey with Chris and will have the pleasure of showing you My Website.  I'm excited all over again and can't wait.

Talk soon.
Have a great week.

laura - the novice marketer   (new email address)