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Friday, September 24, 2010

How Much $$$$$ Have You Wasted???

I hope you are having better luck than me at this point, because I'm a little disappointed, or should I say hugely disappointed that I am still moving at such a slow pace and things still aren't clear enough to move on (for me).

For example, do you feel totally at ease when setting up your autoresponder? If you do I would appreciate you posting here, to let people know who was the one that helped you? who was the one that gave CLEAR
instructions from start to finish?

Here I go jumping to another topic like I do, :)

I have wasted a lot of my money buying Crap! really!  Now when I say a Lot of money, most people online would probably laugh at the amount compared to what they have spent. But,... I really am on such a tight budget that it takes me a couple of months to save up  $50.00 by tucking away a $ here and a $ there until
finally I have some money to transfer into my PayPal account.

I Still recommend Starting out with Free* options first when learning the tricks and trades of earning an income online and when you feel ready and you trust and believe in the person or program, then, and only then should you spend your hard earned money. Be careful, because there is a Lot of Crap being sold online.

I'm going to tell you what I have decided to do.  I figured I needed someone to take hold of my shoulders and give me a good shake, just to get me focused and to Stop getting distracted all the time by those ugly "shiny things"!!

I am cleaning the slate!    Yes...Cleaning The Slate and Starting from The Beginning.

First thing is, Following one Mentor, one-step-at-a-time. 
It feels good even saying it. :)

I have already done that and will tell you who I decided to follow and what it will cost etc., on
my next posting, because I need to read my first day with my New Mentor to be able to really
talk about it. Right?

So, come on back because not only do I want to let you know about me, but I'd Really love to
hear about what You are up to and are you following a Mentor?  Who is It?

So listen, have a Great weekend, stay on track, stay focused, and keep your money in your pocket (for now).

Believe it and it Will happen.

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