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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with family and friends.

It is very hot here in Toronto, Canada.

Everyone pretty much finds out quick enough, that You will be needing
an "Autoresponder".

I don't know how far everyone is with setting up a website or trying to build a list of your own.

It all depends on what you as an individual are looking for online.
Myself, I am hoping to earn a living from Internet Marketing.

Like I said, You will find out soon enough, in order to help build Your list, an
Autoresponder makes a huge difference in collecting potential members to
Your list.

Depending on Your Budget, there are a few different autoresponders you can join. Usually costing about $20.00 per month for a good one.

Since I am not yet familiar how to use one, I was really happy when I found a 'Safelist" that has an "Autoresponder" included.

I figured this option would be great to learn how to set up
an Autoresponder while growing a Contact List.
Learning one step at a time.

If you are at all interested please take a look for yourself and see if it's what you want.

You can join for Free, but I bet you will upgrade when You
see the cost.

I first joined free, and when I saw that if you upgraded an autoresponder was included, I Immediately upgraded to the highest level. I'm really excited and can't wait to start. Two different levels To upgrade and Both are cheap!

Check it out, and if you've got a minute, let me know what you think, or just post a comment on the blog.

Have a Great weekend everyone and
Success To All
Skype: laurabelle55

Friday, June 19, 2009

More Info To Ponder.

Wow, a week goes by really quick.

I have been of course reading and
joining a couple of good programs for
the Newbie that in my opinion will
really help anyone who is trying to
earn an Income Online.

I find the biggest problem for me is,
not having enough money to upgrade
in some good traffic sites, and safelist.

So far I'm doing pretty good and getting closer
to having my own Website up and running.

Not to mention I definately will have a few
other income streams happening.

What I do keep my eyes open for is, Free Upgrades
for new Traffic Sites, Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.

It's great because you can immediately send out some
"Solo" ads which can reach thousands.

Like I have mentioned often, I am on a limited budget,
so finding Free upgrades really help, so do take the time
when you see one and join up.  Don't forget to Confirm
and you should do that right away so you don't forget,
and end up losing the membership.

Here is a Safelist where You can get a FREE Executive

membership before 1,000 members. 

Get on over there and get Your Free Executive Membership.

After 1,000 members, the cost for Executive will be
$24.99 monthly.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

Always* here to help
Skype: laurabelle55

Friday, June 12, 2009

What are You Up To?

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is setting forth a plan to follow,
getting you closer to the end result of,
Earning an Income Online.

I know that's what I'm working towards.

I've discussed how important a list is, when it
comes to You making a living from Your computer.

If You have found ways to build Your List, it
would be much appreciated if You'd like to list
Your information, to perhaps help others take
another step towards glory days.

I've been collecting ebooks, videos, and any literature
I feel would be beneficial to Earning an Income Online.

I will be listing those programs, safelists, traffic exchanges,
a few at a time so not to over-load anyone with information.

I'm really hoping for surfers to have an interest in
helping others, and become a member here. We would love
to hear what You have to say.

You never know, maybe you'll learn something new
along the way.

Well for today, I'm going to list a link that will take you
to a Great Opportunity.

Power videos for Affiliates.

Now, I know when I joined they were Giving Away,
Free Silver Memberships. Awesome eh?

I think You Know what to Do.

If You're on a tight budget like me, then know when
to Grab a Great Opportunity.

To Our Success!

Have a Great Day Everyone.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What's Your Niche?

Hi Everybody,

Hope everyone had a Great weekend, and that includes
earning some cool cash online.

Now for me, I'm earning a little here and
a little there.

Of course my ultimate goal is to be earning
enough money to work full-time from home, and
to spread the word and show the way.

Now because I have limited funds to work with,
and I mean limited, I read, search, read more.

I don't stop until I find a Great ebook, program, software,
anything, I feel can help me get a
step closer to my ultimate dream. (There's a lot out there)

It sure would be helpful to know who is telling the truth.
Which program Really Works?

I have already admitted that having limited funds,
has been a blessing in disguise. Why, you say?

Have You ever been ripped off? You know, joined
a program only to find out, what you bought
doesn't even come close to what You were Told?

Yeah, me too. Now, could you imagine if I had
thousands to spare? You got it!

I would have been buying up Everything.(Whew!)

Now, getting to my Title, "What's Your Niche"?

The reason I ask is, Finally, the day has come
when an idea came into my head for a niche.

You see, the problem before was, wanting to talk
about all the Good Stuff that is Available out
there, and having a hard time trying to focus on one.

So, as of Today, I have my idea for my niche. (I hope) :)
Sorry, it's a secret right now until I get a website
on it.

What I'm going to do now is, check out some Domain Names.
You know, play around with different ideas, and check
to see if there is any similar ones that might help
as far as some visual options.

Here are some Traffic Exchanges that I use,
which bring me good hits to my ads:

A couple of Great Safelists:

A FREE Traffic Exchange book;

Feel free to try any or all!

I would love to hear Your Suggestions.

Have a great night.

To Our Success

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm Back.

How's Everyone Doing?

Sorry it took me so long to get back here
to my Blog, but there has been some
Personal Family situations that had to be
dealt with.

Now that all that is cleared up, what have I
been up to?

Well...I have joined a couple of programs to
try and guide me into starting up my first

The first program I have joined is;

"Marketing Beginners"

This is a program where they will show you
how to Create a Site, how to Pick a Domain
Name,and more info that can help You
especially if You are a Newbie.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it's FREE.

Check out the link Here *

I have just started this program myself, so
I will be posting my progress as it happens along the
way, and perhaps you could do the same, if you
decided to join the program yourself.

I also joined a couple of Traffic Sites, and

You really should check out: ThinkBigPublications .com/blog

Think Big Publications belongs to Brett Ingram, and I
have to tell you, I love the way he explains things so
clearly, and has good info reports for you to read.

The best thing is everything Brett talks about will be
worth listening to, especially if you are a Newbie looking
for guidance.

I have been jumping around from one info product to the next,
and one Guru to the next, but I think I have finally found
a Mentors who I can totally understand, and he is "Brett Ingram",
for now. :)

Brett is a new Mentor, but so far I like what he
has to say, so I'll continue following him.

I told you, it's hard trying to find the right Mentor. :)

I'm not sure if it's strictly enforced to have only
one Mentor.

Well, I'm going to register a Website so that I can
follow some of Brett's suggestions, and I can't wait to
pass on to You, the progress of my Website.

In the meantime, why don't you check out the links I have
posted and see if it's what You have been looking for.

Always* here to help