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Saturday, May 22, 2010

NEW Things Every Day*

Well, I've slowed down some to try and get better organized. 

Be careful of getting distracted by Shiny Things!

It took me almost three years to realize, You Must do one step at a time, AND
follow through from Start to Finish.*

Boy, the time I could have saved.

Stay on track.  

There are so many ways to get started online that the worse thing to 
happen would be to get Information Overload!

You can get set up for Free, and that would be a Great way to start, because
you won't be wasting money as you are Learning by trial and error.

Once you have the feel, and some knowledge, then, and only then, would I suggest
for you to start investing into better Autoresponders, Hosting, etc...

Affiliate Marketing is the Quickest way to earn an income,... My Opinion*

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone*

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