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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guidance Videos

Hi it's me again, :)

I had said on the 20th that I put my Wordpress on hold because of joining a marketing membership on a trial basis, which I did, but then something happened on the way :) ... I came across a package deal for 30 videos that say will guide me from start to finish with setting up Wordpress. Great eh? (how can you tell I'm Canadian) lol.

I'm really excited. !!*&!!&$   That's the only way I could express it on paper. :)

So, needless to say I will be following the videos that I purchased (at a great price I might add) and when I'm finished I will give not only a total feedback, but, I will show you my Wordpress Blog that I created following the videos.

So here goes...I must stay Focused!   I'll let you know how I'm progressing along the way.

Talk soon.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Have fun and be successful.

The Novice Marketer

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