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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Building the Contact List

I'm sure everyone by now has heard a million times over how important it is to have a large following, who has over time, gotten to know you and trust you.

A good way to start is get yourself out there. Don't be afraid to try things for the first time. It's okay if you make a mistake. I think by trying you learn much better than to read too much on how to do something. Reading too much can be an overload of information for your brain.

Since I've started looking for ways to expand my list of contacts, I have read many articles, listened to webinars, read e-books galore. One thing I kept asking was for someone, just one person to have a program that will show me step by step how to, for example, setup an "OTO" (one time offer). I have yet to find any program out there with complete directions. First I have to buy part one, then I have to buy part two, and so on. I have spent what little money I have on programs that don't even come close to what they say can be done. :(

Be careful and don't be quick to buy everything that looks good, because that is the whole idea for some marketers. Their website is made to grab your money and never see you again.

Don't forget your good friend "Google"! You can get many Free programs to help you on your way.

Get signed up to good Traffic Sites, and become affiliates to earn some small cash that can help you with some of the purchases you want to make. This way you're spending money that is earned and not out of your pocket.

Set up a blog with information you feel people are interested in. Once you do that you can start putting your link in all the traffic sites so that people get to see you and start to get familiar with you.

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