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Monday, April 13, 2009

Trials and Tribulations.

Hello Fellow Marketers,

My opening topic is to let you know what the contents will be in this Blog.

This blog will mainly be for all the Newbies out there who could use some helpful information, suggestions, or some guidance to maybe help You avoid alot of wasted time and money. To put you on track to a place where you feel comfortable to venture on your own gathering knowledge and experiences to bring back and share with your fellow Novice Marketer.

Any and All Information from Successful Marketers is Welcome and Appreciated!

I will be shooting straight from the hips, => meaning... Speaking the Truth, telling it like it is according to My Experiences with different programs and Many Traffic Sites.

A little about me; I am a Mother of two, a Granny of two, and a pet owner of a beautiful dog and cat. I love to sew, craft, walk my dog and design jewelry.
I've always fantasized about being a Successful online Internet Marketer, until one day I figured, Hey!, instead of fantasizing why not try it. At least I could say I tried, if all else failed.
(That is the Only time the word "fail" came out of my mouth, or through my fingers, because I am definately someone who sees a glass half full!)

Now, when I first started, work related navigation on the computer was easy, but when it came to,"Splash Page", "Autoresponder", "Website", "Downline", "Html", "OTO",...Yikes! I felt overwhelmed and overloaded.
You see, one of my problelms, which I still deal with, is Getting Sidetracked! I say that because there is a lot of excellent material online, and I want to absorbe it all. Staying on track is important, and doings procedures one-at-a-time will bring you to your final results, quicker.

So I say the best place to start is, try to find a Mentor who you feel is someone You would like to be like. Gather as much information you can on that person, like the programs they are into, read their blog, and definately check out their site. See if it's something you'd like to be doing, and don't just look at their income.(Remember, that varies per member). If you join and represent something you aren't really into, the odds are against you. While looking for a Mentor, you should always be trying to build your list of contacts.(more on that in the next posting)

I will be listing some really good traffic sites that are Free to use with good results. Some traffic sites where if you upgrade to a paid member, you will get Excellent results. A good program where I am a member, and another program where I am a member through a 60 day trial. A Great way to check out a program for yourself, hands on!

It's been almost 2 years, yes 2 years since I started reading about, and listening to, hundreds of success stories. If you are Not a computer techie I really believe finding a Mentor is the smart way to go. It sounds so simple, but believe me when I say it will be one of the hardest choices you'll have to make. As I'm sure you already know.~

Please be patient while I iron out all the kinks in my blog, because my main concern is having a wide variety of information for the Newbie/Novice, at their fingertips.

Have something to add? Please do.

Always* here to help
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twitter: @LauraBelleS

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