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Friday, July 15, 2011

S T O P >>>The Press!

Yes sir, you've got that right! Once again my plans have changed and for a very important reason.

I have come to a wall, not three brick high but the size of a mountain. 

Finally the ever mentioning "Information Overload" has hit me like a brick wall.

Here I am with a Domain Name, Hosting for that domain name, and an Auto Responder! and I don't know what and how to do it all. (dah!)

Three of the most important items one should have if they want to have a Website online building a list and at the same time earning an income.

Oh, I am going to tell you once again if I already haven't ...Stop getting distracted by shiny things!

Pick ONE person that you have become to Believe in, Trust, and feel they are being Honest.

Believe me when I tell you,
One, again, One! 

You only need One Mentor to follow.  If that Mentor has a membership, then join it. 

By paying a monthly fee you will save yourself so much money And, as you learn step-by-step you will Do step-by-step, and everything will be clear as you move closer to your final goal. Believe me.

One more thing I want to say to you before I go is this, take your time, don't be in a hurry. As you start a step, finish it. Master it. Then and only then move on to the next step. Most Mentors give you as much time as needed until you have to move to another step. Each member moves to the next step when they are ready. That is a good mentor.

Stop thinking just about how much money can I make. I want to make money now. How long will it take before I make thousands of dollars. 

Don't worry, it Will happen. Oh yes, I believe that without a doubt you can make enough money online to quit that job where you are earning the big bucks for someone else. 

Please think about what I've said here this evening, and if you feel like you have been moving too fast and are getting a little overloaded, then Now is the time to make the changes to do things the right way. 

If I had followed my advice that I am giving you, would probably be on my subscribers list checking out my website instead of reading my free blogger. 

If you are just beginning, then boy you are lucky to have found this site.

Listen to someone who has been there and done that.

I have decided to follow someone who has been where I am so he knows exactly how I feel right now.

Check out some of the names you have been seeing online. Go to Google and look them up. See if that sounds like someone you would like to follow. I mean the only way you really can find out if they are honest, and you can trust and believe in them, is to give them a chance.

Of course I am going to mention a few people who I feel would be a great mentor.

Here you go, and they're not in any special order. 
  • Henry Gold - this guy, wow, he doesn't leave anything out in his explanations.
  • Jeffery Baxter - love this young fella who is anxious that you take your time so you too can be successful online.
Now I'm not sure you've actually heard the first two names I mentioned, and that's a good thing. They are fresh, New Money, you know, they found the way. All the dots finally matched up for them and they are still excited and eager to show anyone who wants to listen, how they did it.

Then there's
  • Jason Fladlien - a name I'm sure you've heard of. Jason still has that light burning in him with the honesty and excitement spilling out in every email he sends out. It's almost as if he is yelling from a mountain to just take the chance on him. :)
  • Lee McIntyre - a name that is synonymous with internet marketing, giving, sharing, and definitely wanting you to succeed.
Sure there's more names I can put out there for you to check out, but, I want You to find the One person that You would like to learn from. That's all you need. 

Once you feel like you could set things up for someone else, or show them the way, then you can fly the nest and look into other products or people you're interested in getting to know a little more. 

Look at me rambling on :) that's because I too am excited for you to believe what I am telling you in this post.

Now before I really go, I just want to let you know that I have already started with my new Mentor and have joined his membership. So,...I will be back here posting what I have learned and how I'm getting back on track. Un-scrambling my head for starters. :)

Until next time.
You know U can.

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