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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Vicious Circle

Holy Crap it's Friggin February Already!

Well, I can say that my head is spinning more than ever and I still can't get settled in a job where I can be earning a steady income so that I can pay monthly fees for simple things like an Autoresponder and Hosting.

Two things that you need plus a Registered Domain Name.

I Registered a Domain Name in November of last year and still haven't set up Hosting for it or set up an Autoresponder. (A very good example of getting side tracked!)

I started a site where I sell some Handmade items so that I can start to earn money into my PayPal account.

Once I start earning on a regular basis then I can get Hosting and set up an Autoresponder.

If you have a couple of minutes perhaps you would like to browse my shop which is called
LauraBelle.  A simple and to the point name. :)

So tell me, have You set up your Website yet? 

I would love to hear from anyone who is considered a Newbie, and has started their First Website.

Remember!  Only three things you need to get started online is...

1.  A Registered Domain Name
2.  Hosting
3.  An Autoresponder 

Get Started!

There is a lot of Free* options right here on this blog.

Until then, all the Best and Success.


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