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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Brick Wall.

Well, I hope you're having better luck than what's been going on with me, and I only mean that in the financial way. 

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm unemployed and have been now for over a year.
Yeah, that's what I say. :) I feel that the way the economy has been, employers are really taking advantage of the situation, by lowering the hourly wage substantially for the specific position.

A n y w a y ... having said that, you might understand a little bit more about me, and why it seems that I am jumping from one topic to another sometimes. I get really excited when I do something and then step back and see it actually makes sense.

There is a site that I really like, (one amongst many) and when I log on to check out people's opinion I sometimes forget to leave and end up reading for a couple of hours.

IF You are interested in knowing about a Site go to ------------------------ and join up for FREE, then start searching for the names of some of the programs you are a member of already, and you might just un-subscribe, and join some new ones that you what to check out based on the Opinions of the people who have had experiences with the specific site. I know this sounds all mumbo jumbo, so just go to the site and you'll see what I'm talking about. I think it's pretty useful.

Oh yeah, you can make some money from the site also, I can't get into that aspect of the site because I haven't check out all the details regarding making money yet. Oh, but I will.:)

Right now I've hit a brick wall because of my finances and feel I have missed a couple of good opportunities, BUT if they Are Good, they should still be available when I do get back on my feet and able to make that purchase.

Now, if you do have money to spend, and you're looking for something that will guide you, put you on the road to riches, sort of speak,I would definitely check out one of "Michael Cheney" programs, because I like Michael's "story" and want to believe him, BUT, I always have that bit of skepticism because, yes me fellow marketer, I have been ripped off a couple of times and still am pissed that happened!

I also want to drop a couple of names of programs/sites that I like and if you get a chance, you might want to check them out. Remember, I am on a Very Tight Budget right now, so the info I am putting out there will cost you ZERO (0) or under $10.00 and even that sounds expensive to me this morning.

Ooops, gotta run for now, my dog Rosie is getting a bit edgy and wants to get outside. I think she is getting sick of seeing me sitting at the computer all the time.

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Schmidt - Ridgeway Family said...

hi laura , yes i did take patrick up on his offer . i am just kinda wondering now something has been off with the site now twice . its been offline ??? no new letters to say what the issues are or nothing , when you email support you get an auto responder message. i did get kinda a nasty message back last week . when i questioned something. i hope its not a scam but seems to be leaning that way as of right now to me . maybe i am just paranoid , or just know the internet !

take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS !