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Friday, July 3, 2009

A F F I L I A T E ?

Wow, the time goes by so fast, especially in cyberspace.

I will try and post as often as I can.

Today's topic= "Affiliate Marketing".

For someone just starting off, being an Affiliate
would be a good choice to start earning an
income. Just get your link for the product of choice
and advertise, advertise, advertise.

Mind you, if you wanted to be an Affiliate
with your own Website, I believe you would
climb higher in earnings.

Of course "Clickbank" is a favourite spot to start
you on the road to "Affiliate Marketing".

There is a fairly new competitor for Clickbank,
and that would be "".

Joining both "Clickbank" and "PayDotCom" will
give Your Members and/or Visitors more options,
which in turn can Increase Your Sales and Earnings.

So, a quick way to become an Affiliate is;

* Join both sites.
* Find Hot products to sell.
* Create a "hoplink".
* Start advertising Your "hoplink".

Four steps to start you off as an Affiliate.

There are many people online who earn an Excellent
income just selling other people's products.

Of course, if You decided to have Your Own Website
with Affiliate products, you would have total control
over how you present your products, ways to entice
visitors to purchase, and You can have an opt-in page
on Your Website to Increase Your list of people who
become dedicated followers who trust your advice and
or suggestions.

We all know that the larger Your List is the better
chance of earning a good income Online.

Please feel free to add Your Comment to this post, and
perhaps drop Your Link to Your Website of Affiliate
products for everyone to check out.

Just take your time with each step you take and read
instructions until You feel comfortable to move on
to the next step.

Good luck to everyone, and if you have questions, please
come back and ask. If I personally can't help you with
the answer, I will certainly point You to Who or where
it can be answered!

I did find an Excellent site for Newbies where you learn
how to use Your PC and the Internet.

A couple of samples are:

* How to make Windows fun.
* Marketing ideas.
* How to start Your fist Website.
* Links to cool downloads.
and more, more, more!

All written specifically for PC and
Internet beginners.

I wish someone would have pointed me to this site
when I first started. Boy, the time I would have

Pump up your mind, repeat to yourself => "I will succeed"

Have a great weekend everyone.

To Our Success
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