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Monday, June 8, 2009

What's Your Niche?

Hi Everybody,

Hope everyone had a Great weekend, and that includes
earning some cool cash online.

Now for me, I'm earning a little here and
a little there.

Of course my ultimate goal is to be earning
enough money to work full-time from home, and
to spread the word and show the way.

Now because I have limited funds to work with,
and I mean limited, I read, search, read more.

I don't stop until I find a Great ebook, program, software,
anything, I feel can help me get a
step closer to my ultimate dream. (There's a lot out there)

It sure would be helpful to know who is telling the truth.
Which program Really Works?

I have already admitted that having limited funds,
has been a blessing in disguise. Why, you say?

Have You ever been ripped off? You know, joined
a program only to find out, what you bought
doesn't even come close to what You were Told?

Yeah, me too. Now, could you imagine if I had
thousands to spare? You got it!

I would have been buying up Everything.(Whew!)

Now, getting to my Title, "What's Your Niche"?

The reason I ask is, Finally, the day has come
when an idea came into my head for a niche.

You see, the problem before was, wanting to talk
about all the Good Stuff that is Available out
there, and having a hard time trying to focus on one.

So, as of Today, I have my idea for my niche. (I hope) :)
Sorry, it's a secret right now until I get a website
on it.

What I'm going to do now is, check out some Domain Names.
You know, play around with different ideas, and check
to see if there is any similar ones that might help
as far as some visual options.

Here are some Traffic Exchanges that I use,
which bring me good hits to my ads:

A couple of Great Safelists:

A FREE Traffic Exchange book;

Feel free to try any or all!

I would love to hear Your Suggestions.

Have a great night.

To Our Success

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